Heroes Don't Exist
If only you could
            see the beast
                    you've made me


"I've gotten much stronger..."
M!A Status: N / A
Status: Single
Independent RP for Saruhiko Fushimi from [K]
Multi-ship friendly || Will single-ship if prefered
Track: multicoloredswords


         Everything is engulfed by `s`n`o`w`,
                      As everything melts into s—i—l—e—n—c—e and grief.
When I hold up my hand,
        The fragile `s`n`o`w` melts upon my palm and dissolves to nothing.

                Snow piles up like sand, 
Once you gather,
        It’s all in one single piece.
                                        “Is my voice clear to you now?”

If I were to speak,
        You would no longer be able to h▃e▃a▃r me.

You can tell me you’re l~o~n~e~l~y,
                You can tell me you’re a_c_h_i_n_g.
           I’ll try to find a way to {cure} your pain.

I beg you to not <leave> me,
              Please don’t ever |b|e|t|r|a|y| me, 
                             I don’t want to be   a   l   o   n   e   ,
Like once before.

Even if we’re           a  p  a  r  t           right now,
             Can our souls become one?

You slowly wither away in this world.

If it’s even possible,

                                   Can I hear
                                                       your voice
                                                                          one more time?

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